Brands Doing Good in Times of Crisis

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These brands are sharing kindness and doing good despite the crisis around them.

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During recent times of crisis, we’ve seen the very worst of humanity, but also the very best. As a purpose-led agency, we admire brands that during these difficult times can still do good things and give back to society. To spread a little bit of (much needed) positivity, we wanted to share the our list of brands that are doing good during this time.

Optus and Telstra – More data for all

WIth most of us spending an unprecedented amount of time at home, we’re churning through our data more than ever. Optus has offered all eligible mobile subscribers 20gb of data that they can access anytime during April, and Telstra has offered an additional 25gb for existing customers as well. In a time in which connectivity is so important, it’s been nice to see telecommunications companies come to the party in helping everyone feel less isolated.

Louis Vuitton – Repurposing of factories

When we think of Louis Vuitton, the last thing to come to mind is hand sanitiser. The high-end fashion mogul has announced that they are repurposing their perfume production lines to start making hand sanitiser for distribution across France. The gels are being made and delivered to health authorities free of charge, and this is an incredible example of how any brand – not just those in the purpose-led space – can do what they can with what they have to help the world flatten the curve right now.

Guzman Y Gomez – Flatten the curve with free delivery

We all understand the need to socially isolate right now and Guzman Y Gomez is making it easier than ever before to not leave home unnecessarily by abolishing delivery fees for the next 2 weeks through Deliveroo. While some trade commentary have said this to be opportunistic, we think that if it takes free-delivery on a burrito to encourage people to stay-the-hell-home, well that can only be a good thing!

Centr – Making wellness and self-care possible in isolation

If we didn’t love Chris Hemsworth enough already, he’s now offering a free 6 week membership to his Centr app. “There’s a lot of fear, anxiety and uncertainty in the world at the moment,” Hemsworth said on Instagram. “You’re probably stuck at home so I wanted to give everybody full access for free to my fitness app over the next six weeks.”

“I think now more than ever is when we need to focus on what I believe to be the three key pillars to living healthier and happier — movement, nutrition, and mental fitness”. What A Guy.


Patagonia – Prioritising their people

It’s a scary time for all industries, and we’ve seen the retail and hospitality sectors hit pretty hard. CEO of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard has chosen to put his people first, while shutting all stores and still paying employees. While this isn’t an option for most businesses, we admire this incredible act of generosity and kinship from Patagonia.

#TogetheratHome – Performances from home

With thousands of concerts, shows and events cancelled across the globe, there are many disappointed performers and fans that won’t get to connect in the way they’d originally planned for. Introducing ‘Together at Home’, where your favourite performers give a show, directly from the comfort of their own home. Stars like Chris Martin, John Legend and Shawn Mendes have performed so far on Instagram stories, with many more to come. This is an example of the power of social media to deliver new ways of connecting with consumers in times of crisis; strengthening those existing communities and widening appeal to new audiences.

News Corp – Free Covid-19 service announcements

There’s been a surge in digital newspaper subscriptions, and News Corp has given Australian businesses a chance to be heard, with an $8 million package for Covid-19 community service announcements. “Australians are being flooded with information, and in some cases misinformation. Our news brands will remain focused on being a trusted source of accuration information as well as important community service announcements from our business partners,” said Michael Miller, News Corp Australasia executive chairman. With a 48% surge for consumer demand in news, it’s a generous offer and incredible to see Australia’s media supporting businesses in need.

RSPCA – adopt an animal

If you’re self isolating at home, there’s nothing better than having the company of a four-legged friend. While we’re not encouraging you to spontaneously decide to adopt an animal, if you’ve seriously being considering the idea, there’s no better time. The SA RSPCA has slashed their adoption fees to only $99 for a dog or kitten, and $29 for an older cat. “The virus is impacting on multiple fronts, leaving us with more animals and less people and funds to care for”, says RSPCA chief Paul Stevenson. It’s a small price to pay for a companion for life!

We hope that wherever you are, you’re able to find calm in the chaos, share kindness with those around you and continue to flourish in whatever way you can.

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