"The best career advice I ever received", from inspiring women in business

“The best career advice I ever received”, from inspiring women in business

For International Women’s Day, our team and partners share the best career advice they’ve ever received.

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Kira Day, Community Manager, B Lab Australia and New Zealand

The best career advice I’ve ever received was to find your narrative. I lacked direction at the start of my career – I knew my values and some things I was passionate about, but had no clear cut idea of what a career would or could look like. It led to me trying a lot of different hats and none of them fitting quite right. But once I was able to figure out the common thread that drew me to each of those roles (or steered me away from them), jobs that I enjoyed started finding me.

So fast forward 4 years from when my brother-in-law told me to find my life’s own elevator pitch, I can look back and tell the story about what I’ve always wanted to do. I have strong views that the systems we live in are broken, and I want to be part of fixing them. I’ve done it through all sorts of mediums – government, not-for-profits, business, volunteering – but that’s what has kept me motivated through it all.

Natalie Dean-Weymark, co-Founder and co-Director, Compass Studio

Loosen your grip. When we relinquish the need to control, force or plan for every outcome, we give ourselves the opportunity to fully experience and deal with situations and circumstances as they meet us. This takes the weight off of our minds and opens the door to explore the full picture of possibility in any situation. This space is deeply liberating and authentic – and gives us far more clarity, brain-capacity and opportunity for positive outcomes. By letting go of control of everything, we empower others around us to lead and also have more space to support.

This brilliant advice was given to me by business coach, Michelle McCartan, who is the co-founder of Wellineux.

Tammy Fry, Global Brand Lead of Fry’s and Marketing Director ANZ of The LIVEKINDLY Collective

My Dad always said, the most successful people follow passion, not money. He was right. We built our family business on passion and a deep sense of purpose, to make a difference in the world one plant-based meal at a time! We rose above the challenges, worked tirelessly as a team and every hump of adversity, was overcome with a dogged determination. Our work was a labour of love for the animals and our Mother Earth.  Money and sales became a by-product, but were never the focus.

Lauren Williams, co-Founder, Will and Bear

Treat everything as a learning experience, that way it’s not about success or failure, it’s about the lessons you learn and how you grow from them.

Advice from my partner Alex just before I quit my job as a mortgage broker and put our would-be house deposit on our first order of hats, lucky it was good advice!  

Georgia Gibson, Digital and Social Media Manager, Compass Studio

The best career advice I ever received was from my former soldier and police officer father. The 7 Ps,  Prior Preparation and Planning Prevent Piss Poor Performance. After a few unwelcome experiences of piss poor performance as a kid, I decided to take on Dad’s advice at school, planning every assignment and essay to a T. This has carried through to my career, where I feel ill-equipped for my day without a solid plan.

Taking time to prepare and make a plan is now deeply embedded into my workflow and my life! I think it’s saved me from extra unwanted stress and helps to keep me focused. Thanks, Dad!

Bridget Carmady, Founder and Director, Clemence Organics

Start before you’re ready. If you wait until you’re ready, you will never start anything.

I think about this all the time in relation to things I do in my business.

An Ngo, Senior PR Account Manager, Compass Studio

The two pieces of advice that I think about the most are, a to-do list is always ongoing and success is a moving target. I’m a pretty future-focused person who thinks about what’s next or what else is there to achieve, but sometimes it’s better to be present, accept that success isn’t a defined destination and to celebrate your wins. 

Claire Colclough, co-founder, Lucy Lube 

I’ve been given so many great pieces of advice from so many incredible people and three pieces of wisdom have stuck with me over the years and I fall back on these and remind myself of their importance on a regular basis.

Be authentic and build authentic relationships with those around you. Be it colleagues, clients, peers, you never know where these relationships will take you and when your paths may cross again.

Be brave, take risks, say yes. You may not always feel like you have the perfect mix of skills and experience to do something or take on a new role but it pays to push yourself out of your comfort zone

Be accountable for the work that you do. Taking ownership and accountability for what you are doing it and how you are doing it speaks volumes in a working environment and will get you recognised and add value to any organisation.

Liv Finnan, Senior Account Executive, Compass Studio

You’ll get as much out of your career, as you’re willing to put into it.

This is a piece of advice I received from my manager on the first day of my first internship, and I have thought about almost every day since. This advice has guided me whilst making tricky decisions regarding the direction I’ve wanted to take with my career, motivated me when I’ve felt defeated,and something I’ve always held onto as a gentle reminder that the only person that can be held accountable when I feel like I’m not kicking goals, is me.

Pru Chapman, Founder, One Wild Ride and The Owners Collective

A pivotal point for me was hearing these words from Brene Brown, If you’re not in the arena and also getting your arse kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback. Obviously, Brene didn’t give this piece of advice to me directly, but these words gave me so much courage to step outside of the box, play a different game, and stand in the conviction of my words – even when they’re unpopular.  It’s the reminder to be vulnerable and to value only the feedback from others that are willing to be vulnerable too.

Chloe Brasier, Social Media Coordinator, Compass Studio

The best career advice I ever received was from my Mum, when she encouraged me to go to university. I am so grateful she did because it deepened my understanding of the world while also strengthening my confidence as a young woman. It taught me to try different things, accept challenges, chase opportunities and always work hard to be the best version of myself. I really appreciate the importance and privilege of receiving an education and am so thankful for the inspiring women in my life who have guided and supported me. 

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