The Case for a Physical Office Space

George and Willy Team sitting at their desks in their office space

To office or not to office? The question on the minds of many business owners at the moment.

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At George & Willy, we love a collaborative office space, so much so that we’ve just revamped our whole studio space to allow us to minimise distractions and maximise productivity, while still being able to bounce ideas around and come up with some epic new product designs to enhance your space.

Here are 5 reasons (in no particular order) why our team prefers a physical office space;

1. Collaboration

Nothing nurtures great ideas like a collaborative workspace. Whether it’s brainstorming on a studio roller or coming up with new products over a coffee, some of the best ideas are created and refined by being fleshed out in the company of others. We truly do believe here’s nothing better than putting pen to paper, just like the good old days.


2. FUN

Life is best when it’s shared and community is everything. I think we can all agree now more than ever that the importance of human connection is second to none. We love some healthy competition and team bonding; so won’t shy away from a lunchtime basketball comp or an archery session.

Checkout our recent Motorbike team building trip to see how seriously we take fun.

3. Motivation

Regular check-ins, being held accountable, even having to-do lists visible for everyone on board; it’s nice to see what others are working on and where each individual fits within a team dynamic. When working side by side, you can’t help but feel inspired(or obliged) to do your best.

4. Celebration

The ability to celebrate successes, in real life, big or small! It’s important to acknowledge success and celebrate wins to keep that team morale high!

5. If all else fails, personal space may do wonders.

A contradiction to the above you may be thinking? We have a solution; huts. We built these individual huts so that we can have the best of both worlds, space to come together and a place to retreat to and focus, alone. The best part is they’re relatively easy to move and add to as the team grows.

In saying that, we have all found our forced work-from-home time to be very productive and have enjoyed having a little more flexibility to our days – although, we still stand by the importance of having a tangible workspace.

What do you prefer and why? Head over to our Instagram and let us know your thoughts, we would love to hear from you.

Have a great day!


Guest journal written by George and Willy who design products that will elevate your space. You can check out their beautiful collection here. Head back to Compass Journal to read more of our insightful pieces.
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