What to do when your social media growth stagnates? 

What to do when your social media growth stagnates? 

Five strategies to get your community growth back on the increase

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There comes a time where every brand feels like their social media growth starts to become stagnant. You’re not reaching as many people, your engagement is dwindling month on month and you’ve been stuck with the same number of followers for the last three months. 

While there are some quick wins you can implement to give your account a boost in followers and engagement such as running giveaways and contests but these are only short term strategies and won’t fix your issue in the long run as you’ll soon find yourself in the same position.

The good news is that we’ve been there and done that and have come out the other side! How? By actioning these five strategies:

Audit your account

To a creative-minded person, this might sound like your worst nightmare, but if you’re not regularly auditing your own account and checking your analytics, you’re not setting your brand up to reach its potential for success.

So the first thing to do after you notice your growth sliding is to dive into your insights and ask yourself two main questions:
a) What types of content are performing well?
b) What types of content are performing poorly?

Want to know how to do a deep dive on your Instagram Insights? We wrote a guide on how to get and make sense of your data here. Take note of the posts that have the most engagement. Then start to draw conclusions as to why. Is the content the same theme? Did you use a similar type of image? Did you use the same set of hashtags? 

Similarly, look at your lowest-performing posts and ask yourself ‘why doesn’t my audience like this post’.

Hone in on your customer persona 

Do you have a customer persona yet? If not, it’s time to create one. Your customer persona will help you better understand your customer, and at the very core, will help you create content and messaging that will appeal to your intended audience.

If you have the budget, you might be able to afford to do a survey of your target audience to get detailed insights but if your yearly marketing budget is on the small side, block 30 minutes out of your day to do the following brainstorming exercise. All you need is a whiteboard, a marker and your imagination. Try and answer these questions about your ideal customer:

Where does your target audience spend their time?

  1. Where do they hang out?
  2. What do they read and watch?
  3. What does she do with her free time?

What drives them?

  1. Who are they responsible for?
  2. Who are they accountable to?
  3. Who are their heroes?
  4. What are their goals?
  5. What are their fears?
  6. Who do they want to please?


  1. Male/Female, Age, Married/Single, Education level, income, location, job role
  2. Characteristics: who are they as a person?

Now name your persona. With every piece of content you produce, ensure that you’re writing it to inspire, educate, entertain or to convince this person. 

Revise your content pillars, content strategy and hashtags

Now that you’ve completed your audit, it’s time to update your content strategy and do less of what’s not working and more of what’s working.

The core of your content strategy will be your content pillars. These are the themes or topics that you will use to form each piece of content you put out on your socials.

Need help brainstorming your content pillars? Get out a notepad and do an ol’ fashioned brainstorm. With your customer persona in mind, come up with a bunch of topics that you think your target audience will care about and find interesting. Get your customer service team, marketing and sales team involved in this exercise too.

Some content pillars for an organic skincare brand who’s target audience is middle-aged women:

  • Daily skin care tips 
  • Educating on the benefits of organic products
  • Relatable mum memes
  • User-generated content
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Product highlights
  • Customer stories and reviews 

Using content pillars will help keep your content focused towards your target audience so you can ensure you’re consistently providing value while encouraging your audience to know, like and trust you. This relationship will help to create brand loyal customers who also act as advocates for your brand. 

Engage more thoughtfully

One of the important things to remember about social media, and Instagram in particular, is that it’s not meant to be used as a one-way channel and at the very least, you should be replying to every comment, and every message you receive. 

Beyond this, if you want your socials to thrive, you also need to dedicate some time each day to communicate ‘thoughtfully’. This means leaving emojis or a ‘love this’ comment just won’t cut it. Strive for quality and not quantity here. Show your community that you care by leaving thoughtful comments by showing support for your followers by empathising with their struggles and celebrating their wins. 

Consider a paid strategy

By implementing the four steps above, you’ll find you’ll be able to overcome your stagnant phase organically. If you want to supercharge your growth, it might be time to consider complementing your organic efforts with a paid strategy. When you have a solid content strategy and a social media paid strategy, you’ll find that your growth in engagement and followers will skyrocket. Not sure where to start with Facebook Ad campaigns? We’re experts in converting brand new audiences into loyal customers, so get in touch if you want to chat about how a Facebook Ad strategy could help grow your brand.

If completing all the steps above leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed, we understand. Being a business owner or a brand manager, it’s sometimes absolutely impossible to fit 30 minutes of Instagram engagement into your daily workflow. 

That’s where we can help. Send us an email to chat about how Compass Studio can help elevate your brand on socials.

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